My children have been attending the Seal Swim Camp for a few years. This summer will be my 7 year old’s third time at the camp, and my 5 year old’s second year at the camp. They love it and beg me to go back every summer! Melanie and the camp counselor’s are great with the kids. They have different themes each week and great field trips for kids over 5. They also introduce new activities that my kids haven’t tried before like archery. The kids loved it last year! I would definitely recommend the Seal Swim Camp to anyone!”

Rebecca Bishop

My two grandchildren love Camp Seal. The programs are well thought out and creative. My granddaughter (age 7) particularly likes the arts and crafts and of course, the swimming time. My grandson (age 5) loves the water play and the ride in the golf carts. He is already asking about swim camp. The counselors at the camp always impressed me as being mature, caring and most of all, fun. In the three years my grandchildren have attended Camp Seal, I have always felt they were well taken care of and safe. I recommend this camp to everyone.

Jane R.

My daughter started swimming lessons at Seal Swim School when she was three and a half and is still going strong after 3 years. During that time she has gone through all the emotions I have seen the newcomers experience; initial excitement, then nervous, then confident and loving to swim.

Last summer I decide to sign my daughter up for a week of Seal Swim School Summer Camp. She had been to one other camp the year before but I liked the idea that she would get some extra swim time at Camp Seal. When I packed her off for first day once again we were both excited to see what was in store and happy to see some familiar faces from swim school. After her first day she came home beaming! She wouldn’t stop talking on the way home about all the fun things she had done. When it was time for the field trip however, it was my time to be nervous and initially opted for her not to go. But Ms. Melanie assured me that they watched over the children as if they were their own and that they had a tried and true system of keeping track of them. All of the kids wore the same Camp Seal shirt and a wristband with a Seal contact # and the counselors counted the kids several times a day. I’m pleased I let my daughter go in the end as she enjoyed experiencing things with all the other kids.

To cut a long story short, I signed her up for a second and then third week of Camp Seal because she was having such a great time. She still talks about her field trips and how she learned archery, went on the big bouncy waterslide, sang songs while riding the golf cart to “free swim” back to the pool and made lot’s of new friends. Seal Camp is what as summer camp should be! Hanging with other kids your age and being mentored by counselors who are big kids you look up to… doing educational arts and crafts and getting fresh-air, playing in the water and picnicking in your swim suit all day and having special outings to the zoo or aquarium to look forward to.

I have looked at other camps in the Tampa area and even suggested trying them to my daughter this summer- but both of us are confident that Camp Seal is the best summer camp around and we are definitely going to sign up again this year for more outdoor activities, watersports, field trips and a summer full of fun to remember!

Karina Mom of Talise (6)

Last night during bath time, Joshua was in his inflatable bath tub, but since he’s more mobile now he was getting a bit adventurous. He got up on his knees, and then slid down face first into the bathtub.

Before I could even help him (and, of course, i was right there, he flipped over on to his back, and came to the surface. When i lifted him out of the water, he did not get any up his nose or in his mouth!!!

Just one more amazing reason to put babies in swim lessons! Thank you for all you do for Joshua and for us! We are switching to an earlier time starting this week in the hopes that Joshua will be more awake during class. Will we still get to see you from time to time? Joshua and I get SO MUCH out of your teaching!

Happy New Year, and thank you again!


I just wanted to say Thank you and here’s why. Last weekend my daughter Anastasia (5) was at a party and was riding along with her friend in a Power wheel jeep. Her friend put the car in reverse and they went backwards into the pool. The car ended up flipped over top of them. Anastasia’s first reaction was to swim to the wall and get out of the pool. I knew this is what you had taught her since day one. Thank you so much. I feel if she hadn’t learned this from you, the situation could have been worse. I also wanted to say thank you for the “water safety weeks” that you did. It prepared her to swim with her cloths on which I believed helped in this situation. Again, thank you so much to Miss Erin and all of Ana’s teachers.

Chad (5) and Michael (3) have only been at Seal Swim School for a few months and it was time well spent. They had just received a small battery operated boat for the tub so we thought we would try them out in the spa. Chad let his go and it headed for the overflow while Michael’s was running in a 6 inch circle. The instant I turned my head to adjust Michael’s steering, I heard the splash. Somehow Chad fully dressed and wearing shoes had fallen into the deep end of the pool. I rushed around the spa to jump in and get him out. Just as I was ready to jump in I noticed Chad had taken control and kept himself from going under a second time, so I waited to see what he would do next. He looked around and got orientated to his location and then began his Reach and Pull training. In a few strokes he was pulling himself onto the step-out and out of the pool like he had been doing it all of his life. This validated our reason for getting the boys swim lessons. Our biggest fear since they came to live with us 2 years ago was that something like this would happen and we would not be around. We want to thank Seal Swim School and especially the instructors who with great patience and professional attitude work with Chad and Michael every week.

My son had a near drowning the week before I called Seal Swim School. On Drew’s first swim lesson, I fell in love with his instructor, Krystal. She was compassionate, understanding and patient. Drew was terrified and Krystal held him close, comforted and spoke softly and calmly to him. I was overwhelmed with excitement when after a few lessons; Drew jumped in and swam to his instructor. This is possible because of the professional staff and wonderful instructors. Thank you Seal Swim School. I now have the peace of mind that if Drew falls into the pool, it won’t be a near drowning but a huge accomplishment!