Water Babies

Water Babies 0 – 5 months

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Water Babies classes are designed to offer a fun and relaxed aquatic experience for parent and infant. The Water Babies class boosts development of the whole child and early year round lessons accelerate development; physically, intellectually, and emotionally. This non-submerging class is for infants 0-5 months.

Why should I put my infant in swim lessons?

  • Boosts development of the whole child (early year round lessons for young children accelerated their development physically, intellectually, and emotionally)
  • Children who swim consistently from infancy are significantly stronger and more coordinated
  • Children scored higher for intelligence and problem-solving, which carries over into excellent academic achievement
  • Emotionally, children have been found to have more self-discipline, greater self-control and an increase in desire to succeed
  • Children rated higher in self-esteem and were more independent and comfortable in social situations than non-swimmers
  • Swim lessons for babies and toddlers improve their physical development
  • Baby swimmers develop better balance, movement and grasping techniques than non-swimmers


The Water Babies class is free! New Families simply pay the $55.00 New Family Membership Fee.

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