Swim Lessons


Water Babies 0 – 5 months

Water Babies classes are designed to offer a fun and relaxed aquatic experience for parent and infant. The Water Babies class boosts development of the whole child and early year round lessons accelerate development; physically, intellectually, and emotionally. This non-submerging class is for infants 0-5 months.

Parent Tot Classes 6 Months-24 Months

Parent Tot classes are structured to create a comfortable and dynamic atmosphere to foster your child’s first experience in the water. Parent Tot classes teach swimming, safety and survival. Early and continuous swim lessons are key in keeping your children safer around water all year long. Our innovative and creative teaching methods will make learning fun for you and your child.

Group Lessons 2 Years and Up

Group classes are 30 minute classes with a 4:1 ratio. Our students are put into group lessons according to age and ability. The small class learning environment creates a structured, positive and personal situation for your child to learn.

Private Lessons 6 Months and Up

Private lessons are 15 minute classes with a 1:1 ratio. Private lessons are tailored to your child and their specific needs in the water. If your child has had a traumatic experience in the water or has a difficult time in new situations, private lessons may be the best choice.

Adult Class

At Seal Swim School, you are never too old to learn to swim! Our adult class offers instruction from beginners, to more advanced swimmers, to tri-athletes looking to improve their stroke techniques.


For our beginner swimmers, we always recommend to start with 2 classes per week. The pricing below is for twice a week classes, billed monthly; the top price reflects a typical 4-week month for twice a week classes; the bottom cost reflects the additional charge in a atypical 5-week month. For additional pricing options or questions about our pricing, please call us at 813-229-7946.

Group-30 min Private-15 min
8 Classes per month $186.56 $324.40
10 Classes per month $233.20 $405.50
$23.32 per class $40.55 per class

Sibling discount for each additional child in the household is 5%.

Auto Pay will run on the 15th of every month, prior to the start of each new month

Annual Membership Fee

Current Family $40.00
New Family $55.00

Fee Waiver