What will we do this summer in Lego Robotics at Camp Seal?

Camp Seal is offering Lego Robotics this summer to enhance your child’s camp experience! For only an additional $20 per week, your child will enjoy two 1-hour sessions where he/she will learn how to both code and program using Legos (laptops and Legos will be provided).

Children Ages 8-10

Children will learn to write programs on the laptop using the LEGO Mindstorm EV3 software. The program is then downloaded into the robot (EV3 brick and LEGOs). Children will be challenged to complete activities with their robot (learn to make robot go forward, turn, backwards, robot races, add an Ultrasonic sensor and learn to escape the boxes, etc.). This is a beginning class, no experience is needed.

Children Ages 6-8

Children will follow laptop directions to build and program different animals, etc. using the LEGO WEDO 2.0. During camp they may build a Lion that stands up and roars, an Alligator that chops, a bird that ‘flies’, a sailboat in the ‘water’ or a monkey playing the drums. Children are introduced to gears, sensors, motors, etc. Each project is designed for this age group. They will build, code and learn!

Children Ages 4-6

Children will learn coding by using the Fisher-Price Code-A-Pillar. Children will build with Duplo Blocks and then code the Code-A-Pillar to move, following the trail. The Code-A-Pillar has different segments that can be put together in any order. Each segment is a different action (forward, turn left, turn right, play music, etc.). This develops problem solving, planning, sequencing and critical thinking. And it is FUN!

Add Lego Robotics to Your Child’s Camp Experience!

There are 3 easy ways to enroll in these fun extras!

  1. 1. Call us at 813-229-7946
  2. 2. Email campseal@sealswimschool.com (include the parents name on the account, child’s name, activity you are adding, week selected, and if it is ok to charge the credit card on file)
  3. 3. Register online through the parent portal (click here)

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