Frequently Asked Questions

What is your student teacher ratio?

Group lessons are 4 students to 1 instructor for 30 minutes
Private Lessons are 1 student to 1 instructor for 15 minutes

My child is not potty trained. What should he/she wear?

If students are not 100% potty trained, they must wear 2 re-usable diapers which can be purchased from Seal Swim School. This diaper is required as it has been tested extensively to hold fecal matter in better than other re-usable diapers and/or disposable swim diapers. So double up and keep our pools clean and students safe!

What are your instructor’s qualifications and what certifications do they have?

Our instructors are certified in CPR, First Aid, Water Safety Instructor, and Lifeguard Training. Our Parent Tot Instructors have completed the Seal Swim School Infant and Toddler training courses.

All Seal Swim School Team Members go through a 3 step interview process and background checks. Instructors complete more than 90 hours of in and out of water training and participate in our continuing education training programs.

When will my child be able to swim?

Learning to swim is a process. Just as each child develops at different rates, they also learn to swim at their own pace. It takes time, consistency and repetition. At Seal Swim School we start with the most basic skills and build on each skill progressively to work toward mastery.

Does Seal Swim School offer make up lessons?

In order to maintain the integrity of our classes, both to content and to size, we do not offer make up lessons for any reason. This includes illness, recitals, vacations, etc. We have found this policy provides the highest quality experience for your child.

My child is upset; should I stop lessons?

It is normal for children to be upset during their first few lessons. Often they are upset because of separation from mommy and daddy, a new instructor and a new environment. We find that it usually takes between 3 and 6 lessons for a child to settle into their classes. When your child is in class, their instructor goes very slowly, giving a lot of praise, hugs and positive reinforcement. Give your child time to adjust to the environment and the instructor. They will learn very quickly that this is a safe and fun place to be. We ask that mommy and daddy stay strong and remember–you are doing the very best thing by putting them in swimming lessons. They will be swimming Seals in no time! We promise.